Our Story

Did you know that 37% of all junior golfers are girls?

Let’s take back the course! Featherie is the first golf attire made by girls, for girls.

Kate is holding a featherie golf ball from 1840.

How it All Started

Hi! I’m Kate, a 14-year old competitive golfer, and the founder of Featherie. I started golfing when I was just 4 years old, and I started competing by the time I was 9. I was playing with the boys, and I was beating the boys… but why did I also have to wear boys clothing? After years of looking around for better golf attire options for teen girls like me, I decided to take action. So I launched Featherie, the first premium, competition-worthy golf attire designed with teen golf girls in mind. 

Fun facts

• The featherie golf ball revolutionized golf in the 1600s. I hope that our Featherie will follow this legacy and change the game for girls in golf.

• Each item in our first collection is named in honor of an inspirational female leader who has done great things to level the playing field for women. Thank you ladies!


10 Things to Love About Featherie

1. Stylish, thoughtful golf attire made by girls, for girls.

2. Sustainably made using ethically sourced fabrics. We're committed to keeping our greens…well, green.

3. High-tech, high-quality fabrics that come with UV protection and are PFAS-free and AZO-free.

4. Performance comes first. Our products come with built-in tee holders and pockets for golf ball storage.

5. Expertly designed silhouettes that are flattering and feminine.

6. No bra slips––our zippers have automatic locks, so you can keep your head in the game.

7. Ultra-luxe, soft fabrics that are comfortable, breathable, and never see-through.

8. Trend-forward, sophisticated golf wear that actually looks good.

9. Powered by a community of young women who are serious about the game and love cheering each other on from the sidelines.

What We Stand for

We believe that every female junior golfer deserves to have access to the same opportunities and resources as boys in golf—and in life. Golf is for today’s generation, and we believe young women should be able to pursue their passion for the game with confidence and style.